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Zouk-lambada (or just Zouk if you are in Brazil)  is a newish music / dance style, that has become popular around the 2000s.

This style is not technically Brazilian, as it was originally created in the french Caribbean (if you search online, you will find many french songs); but Brazilians took the style and made it very popular, after changing it slightly.

Music styles change after a few years in Brazil; after a few years, popular styles go out of fashion after a few years, and you can hardly find the style on the radio or find new CDs / DVDs styles.

Zouk was born from the end of Lambada, which had a really big following with dancers. Once Lambada became less popular, dancers looked for new ways to keep dancing their beloved style. They found zouk, and after adapting a little their footsteps, took zouk as their own.

Check out a few examples:

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